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Get Ready for
Summer Institute

29 November to 1 December 2023
Victoria University City Tower
370 Little Lonsdale Street


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Use this page to access step-by-step guides and information about all aspects of Summer Institute 2023.

All Summer Institute participants should work through sections one and two of this guide prior to Summer Institute Day One – Wednesday 29 November 2023.

Before coming to Summer Institute

In this section:
  • Setting your Canvas password
  • Using an existing AVID Australia Canvas login
  • Accessing MyAVID
  • What to bring
  • Where to go and how to get there
  • Accessibility

Day One

In this section:
  • Registration
  • Finding your Community of Practice
  • Connecting to WiFi
  • Breaks
  • Finding your Workshop
  • General Session and Networking

COVID Safety

The health and safety of the AVID Australia community is the highest priority. Both AVID and VU are committed to protecting their community from the transmission of COVID-19 through a risk control framework. To this end, a formal COVID Safe Plan has been developed for the AVID Australia Summer Institute. We ask participants to take the time to read the COVID Safe Plan before attending Summer Institute.

It is essential that all event attendees, if they are feeling unwell and showing any signs of COVID-19 symptoms, do not attend Summer Institute.

Key Information


  • All persons attending Victoria University campuses and sites including participants are responsible for continually monitoring themselves for symptoms.
  • Rapid Antigen (RA) Tests will be available from the event facilitators.
  • If any person develops symptoms whilst at the event, they must immediately put a mask on and go home and get tested at home. RA Tests must not be completed on campus during event.
  • Should a participant test positive during the event, they must alert event staff via email – avid.australia@vu.edu.au

Physical Distance and Masks

  • Where physical distancing cannot or may not be maintained, we strongly recommend that participants wear a mask.
  • AVID Australia event team will provide N95 and/or Surgical face masks to event attendees. These can be obtained from CoP facilitators on each day of the event.


In this section:
  • Maps
  • First Aid and Medical
  • Parenting Room
  • Prayer Room


In this section:
  • Dietary Requirements
  • Breaks
  • General Session and Networking
  • Food and Drink Nearby


The AVID Australia team is here to help you get the most out of your Summer Institute experience.

Technical or other issues?

Help Desk During Summer Institute

If you experience technical issues, please place a sticky note on your laptop and a Staff Developer will assist you.

Help Desk After Summer Institute

If you require technical assistance in accessing these materials after Summer Institute, please contact AVID Australia at avid.australia@vu.edu.au.