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2019 NSW Principals and Coordinators Day

In order to both learn from the wonderful NSW AVID professional learning community, and support its evolution as more schools partner with AVID in NSW, AVID Australia is funding a day to bring AVID leaders and coordinators together to share our successes and plan our evolution together.

Event details

Date: Thursday, 6 June

Time: 9am to 4pm

Who can attend: Any member (or multiple members) of your school’s leadership team (Principals, AVID coordinators, coaches)

Venue: Newcastle Museum

RSVP: Make sure to register by COB, 23 May 2019

Lunch and morning tea will be provided.

Agenda for the day

The NSW Department of Education acknowledges that “Professional learning is a key component of continuous improvement.” One of the strategies that Education Departments around Australia are encouraging is for schools to form communities of practice, or professional learning communities to share resources, support, encourage, and sustain continuous improvement focused on improving the quality of teaching to improve learning for all students.

The NSW AVID professional learning community is exemplary in the way that it has formed, connected, supported and sustained partner schools. It has allowed schools to focus on improving teaching, closing the achievement and opportunity gaps, and helping students to achieve their potential regardless of their postcodes and circumstances.

Sustaining and scaling education effective practices and learning communities requires intentional effort, much goodwill, and a clear focus on putting students in the centre of every discussion about our work in schools.

To guide the day’s discussion, our initial essential questions are:

  • How is the AVID certification instrument evolving to become an online repository for tracking and improving teaching and learning initiatives at each school?
  • How we can work together to share effective practices and strategies that are improving learning and teaching outcomes at your school?
  • How can we share the load to keep our communities informed and focused on AVID’s effective teaching and learning strategies and frameworks?
  • How can we evolve Winter Institute to a NSW Path program similar to how WA has evolved the Perth Path?
  • What kind of networks can we build together to support NSW AVID leaders, coordinators and subject areas?

Please bring your examples of how AVID is working well at your school, and your questions on what your school and community needs to keep getting better at meeting students’ and teachers’ needs.