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Welcome to AVIDspiration. A resource page prompted by these unprecedented times, but one that will serve teachers well into the future.

We are inspired by the educators, support staff, parents and care givers who facilitate student learning everyday. We want to enhance the opportunities for students to learn and make the lives of teachers and parents a little bit easier.

Our experienced educators have curated publicly available materials and compiled them all into one neat resource on this page. This resource is freely available to any teacher, anywhere.

We will continue to share more resources on this page as they become available.

You can make learning at home a success

Accessing the resources

The resources are arranged in alphabetical order, and include the original source, a brief description, and tags (keywords used to classify the content and facilitate your search).

Click on a tag, to access relevant resources or click on ALL, to see all the resources available.

We will continue to add to and update this compilation, so bookmark this page and regularly check back.

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Australian Curriculum, Primary, Secondary
Free educational resources, videos, games, interactive tools, education articles and more. Aligned to the Australian Curriculum

Australian Curriculum, Primary, Secondary
Free high-quality educational content for home and classroom. Aligned to the Australian Curriculum

Professional learning
Free professional learning program for educators using Apple products for teaching and learning. Learning resources and learn new skills to become an Apple Teacher.

Science, Secondary
Science demystified with humour and relevance. Videos, GIFs, comics, and resources. Focus on Secondary/High School biology.

Australian, News, Primary, Secondary
News programme broadcast. Aimed at school-aged children (8–13 years of age). Explores news using the current language, trendy music and popular culture of youths.

Apps, Primary, Secondary, Virtual student engagement
Educational applications, platforms and resources; resources to provide psychosocial support; digital learning management systems; systems built for use on basic mobile phones; systems with strong offline functionality; Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Platforms; self-directed learning content; mobile reading applications; collaboration platforms that support live-video communication;...

Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary
Hundreds of games, books, comics, and videos. Maths, reading, problem-solving and literacy.

Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary
- Schedules for using the resources of Khan Academy - Self-paced, interactive content--exercises, videos and articles - Free and non-commercial

Apps, Primary, Secondary
3D playground for learning math and gaining computational thinking skills. Solve problems and build simulations using a block-based math environment.

Parents, Primary, Secondary, Wellbeing
Curated resource collections; school and System Action Plans; distance learning; technology tools; articles & other resources; teaching & learning resources; virtual teaching strategies, mental health & wellbeing, homeschool design, remote workers.

Arts, Digital technologies
Nearly 3 million 2D and 3D digital items from collections across the Smithsonian’s 19 museums, nine research centers, libraries, archives, and the National Zoo.

Australian, Primary
A news podcast for 8-12-year olds. Big news events delivered free of opinion, and with positivity and humour. A new episode at 7am each weekday.

Primary, Secondary
Growing library of original animated videos. International platform for teachers to create their own interactive lessons.

Primary, Secondary, University
Create and share high-quality, interactive, video-based lessons.

Activities to help students explore and learn maths in rich and creative ways.

British Museum, London; Guggenheim Museum, New York; National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.; Musée d’Orsay, Paris; National Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art, Seoul; Pergamon Museum, Berlin; Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam; Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam; The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles; Uffizi Gallery, Florence; MASP, São...