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Our Professional Learning Events

AVID Events

WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned this page contains images of a deceased person.

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AVID Australia ElevateXP is an online professional learning experience, open to all educators across Australia, providing new strategies, tools, resources and support that amplify best practices.

At ElevateXP you will:

  • Participate in 12 hours of exceptional professional learning delivered synchronously and semi-synchronously over two days
  • Engage in deeper learning time, which includes focused learning with a facilitator, small-group learning with other participants, and/or individualised learning
  • Be led by leading Australian teachers and U.S. experts who are trained and experienced facilitators of AVID
  • Experience and practise high-engagement teaching strategies
  • Learn how to establish engaging, rigorous classrooms that build community and a strong schoolwide culture
  • Access extensive resources for 12 months
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Summer Institute

Summer Institute is a three-day professional learning event for schools, held annually in late November or early December in Melbourne.

Summer Institute is where educators experience the latest in AVID methodologies and strategies to successfully implement AVID in their context.

Participants attend one Strand where they will engage in a face-to-face Community of Practice, for three days. This provides an immersive learning experience and an opportunity to meet with colleagues from around Australia to plan and enhance their AVID implementation. Educators are also given opportunities to participate in a range of workshops outside of their Community of Practice, including, Site Team Planning for schools implementing the AVID system.


Path Training

Path Training is an optional, two-day immersion model of professional learning that allows educators to accelerate and deepen the AVID implementation at their school. The training can be customised for individual schools or developed to meet the needs of a school cluster or region in any state. Path Training can cater for educators who are new to AVID and for those who are looking to increase their AVID knowledge and skills. We have held Path Trainings in WA, QLD and NSW.