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What is AVID?

AVID is an evidence-based whole-school improvement system that supports educators to improve the learning outcomes of all students.

We design, deliver, and sustain bespoke, continuous professional learning and school improvement programs in partnership with schools across Australia.

AVID Australia operates as a stand-alone, not-for-profit unit within First Year College at Victoria University.

At the core of our approach to closing the achievement and opportunity gaps is developing teaching excellence.

AVID teachers:

  • are facilitators of learning
  • create and nurture inquiry-based student-centred classrooms
  • know that all students are capable and challenge core beliefs.

A whole school approach that delivers

A strong AVID system transforms the Instruction, Systems, Leadership and Culture of a school, ensuring improved academic performance for all students, based on increased opportunities to succeed.

Professional Learning with a difference

Schools that partner with AVID receive high-quality, customised professional learning; a suite of resources; continuous coaching and ongoing support to address their needs and ensure a lasting impact.

The structure and coherency of AVID’s professional learning system accelerates school improvement, teaching quality, and student learning outcomes.

Our professional learning comprises:

AVID Professional Learning Modules – AVID schools receive customised professional learning (on-site or online) that addresses their unique needs and contexts. The goal of these modules is to support AVID educators and leaders in implementing the AVID System with fidelity and depth.

AVID Events – AVID’s professional learning events are built around high-quality Communities of Practice designed to meet the diverse needs of all educators. AVID holds in-person and virtual professional learning events throughout the year.

To learn more about our Professional Learning approach, click here.

Proven record

For over 40 years, AVID has consistently delivered for millions of students, with an average graduation rate of 98%. AVID is recognised internationally for its effectiveness by organisations such as the OECD Excellence and Quality in Education (page 141).

AVID turns proven strategies into systemic practice across schools. We focus not only on the content but the mechanics of teaching and learning. These skills and strategies allow students to digest, understand and critically interact with the content they are taught.

When students are taught the skills to process information and interact with it they can become independent learners.

To learn more about our history, click here.