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Being an AVID School

AVID schools have access to the range of AVID programs, products, and services designed to engage and inform primary, secondary and tertiary educators in AVID implementation.

When teachers are engaged, students succeed.


Over 40 years of US data shows that AVID students achieve significantly higher academic results compared to non-AVID students.

In fact, AVID alumni who go to college, are four times more likely to graduate than their peers.

To access more AVID data, click here.


When teachers are engaged, students learn better. The AVID system empowers teachers to equip students with the academic, social and emotional skills they need to pursue their goals.

Our professional learning provides educators with teaching techniques and classroom activities that can be easily incorporated into classrooms across all content areas.

AVID doesn’t change what is taught; it changes how material is taught, respecting teachers’ expertise and providing flexibility.

AVID believes in teachers and their ability to change lives, and that’s why supporting them to be their best is one of our main priorities.


AVID teachers and school leaders within a school take intentional actions based on shared beliefs and trust that, together, they can increase opportunity and measurable success for all students and each other.

AVID provides partner schools with extensive support to implement AVID schoolwide in order to transform the academic and wellbeing outcomes of all their students.


With over 8000 schools across the USA and Australia, we understand that sustainability requires the building of long-term relationships, mutual respect and support. Through the AVID community, teachers and schools can access the expertise of likeminded professionals and progress along a continuum of improvement. No AVID school struggles in isolation.