AVID Australia is an education not-for-profit closing the achievement and opportunity gap for students. We design and deliver customised Professional Learning and whole school improvement programs across Australia.


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Our experienced educators have compiled a range of publicly available material to support teachers, parents, and guardians across Australia, who facilitate student learning each and every day. AVIDspiration! is here to assist you in providing distance learning where this is necessary and have collated some online resources, many of which have been recently shared on social media to support teachers across the globe.

Given the unprecedented challenges presented by COVID-19, we want to express our thanks to all educators and support staff in our AVID schools for their unrelenting efforts to protect the health and wellbeing of students and staff and to continue to facilitate student learning.

May 24, 2022

Help pilot the Becoming You experience

Help pilot the Becoming You experience, presented by VU RISE Summer Gap Project. Victoria University’s AVID Australia and the Hellenic Museum have been working alongside a team of youth collaborators…
April 12, 2022

WICOR Schoolwide earns NESA Accreditation

AVID Australia is proud to announce that the WICOR Schoolwide (K-12) Professional Learning Module has been recognised as a NESA Accredited Professional Development course. For teachers in New South Wales,…
April 1, 2022

ElevateXP 19 & 20 May 2022

Register now for ElevateXP AVID Australia ElevateXP is an online professional learning experience, open to all educators across Australia, providing new strategies, tools, resources and support that amplify best practices.…



My team have started to make changes today. They were so pleased with the way the course was designed and delivered into small bite size pieces which scaffolded their learning and left them feeling empowered. Hard work and exciting times are ahead of us – bring it on!

Primary School PrincipalPerth Path 2020

Now that I’m with AVID I can go a lot further and achieve my dream to go to university...

Adrian, AVID student

During this professional learning the education discussion between me and my colleagues has increased exponentially. Even during our free-time/night time has been primarily about what we can do better in our schools to create better student outcomes… Education is looking bright in the hands of AVID trained teachers

Glendale TeacherSummer Institute 2019

All my feelings were that I was going to fail all my classes and that I wasn’t going to go far – then AVID came. Now, I want to finish Year 12...

Kate, AVID student

For so many years, I have attended this event and have felt inspired to do better, be better, teach better for the students in my care from fellow presenters. It was an absolute joy and pleasure to now be that person for others, facilitating a workshop I am passionate about, to inspire the development of future pathways of our students...

Teacher Workshop FacilitatorPerth Path 2020

AVID seems to flatten the hurdles for them [students] and has put them on another plane...


AVID is a system that longs to integrate with other systems that operate in a school to build consistency and coherence. AVID’s systemic approach to continuous improvement aligns classroom plans with the school plan, and ultimately the state or regional plan

High School PrincipalSummer Institute 2019

I enjoyed it and am grateful for the experience and opportunity to be here. The most rewarding professional learning I have done in a LONG time!

Secondary Imp ParticipantSummer Institute 2019

The best PL I have ever attended in my 10 years of teaching. Everything delivered is achievable and does not add work to the schedule, whereas everything else (non-AVID PL) does add. It has empowered me to make a difference for my students’ learning environment to create more student success in the classroom

Student Success ParticipantSummer Institute 2019

I have experienced a myriad of emotions as I listened to keynote & student speakers at opening ceremony. This training has re-invigorated me in terms of my practice, confirmed that I am already practicing many of these strategies and given me the confidence to not only try more strategies but also to show others how to use them in their classrooms

Maths 1 participantSummer Institute 2019


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