Site Team/Networking Time

Wednesday 1 December 2021

2.45 – 4.45 pm AEDT


During Site Team/Networking time, you may choose from the following options:

1. Participate in Site Team Planning

Participants will identify the elements of high-functioning Site Teams as well as the roles Site Team members and staff play in ensuring all students are ready for tertiary studies, careers, and success in global communities.

At this time you will be able to work synchronously with an AVID Education Coach or work with your school group in a breakout room.

2. Attend a Networking session

A wonderful opportunity to connect and make friends with fellow educators from across Australia and the USA. Find inspiration to recharge into 2022 by sharing the joys and challenges of reconnecting and engaging with colleagues and students throughout the past year.

3. Complete AVID 101 asynchronously if you haven’t had an opportunity to do so.

AVID 101 explores AVID’s mission – our Why, the fundamentals of AVID, the AVID Tertiary and Career Readiness Framework, how AVID works, and your role as an educator in the AVID system. Participants will also explore how AVID supports its students, educators and school community, and AVID’s response to social and emotional learning, cultural relevance and responsiveness, and subject-specific literacy development.

4. Revisit the materials from Day 1 of your Community of Practice and reflect on your learning 

Spend some time revising the learning and materials from Day 1. You may also wish to complete any unfinished activities from semi-synchronous time.


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During DigitalXP, talk to an AVID staff member by joining our Zoom Help Desk.

The Zoom Help Desk is open:

  • From 1 to 5 pm AEDT Tuesday 30 November
  • From 8.30 am to 3.30 pm AEDT from 1 December to 3 December
  • During all AVID 101 sessions.