AVID ElevateXP

Technology Checklist

Use this IT checklist to prepare your computer and equipment setup for ElevateXP.


Each ElevateXP participant is required to access their Community of Practice from their own individual computer. Due to the interactive and collaborative nature of the courses, participants are asked to not share devices, even if accessing the same Community of Practice from the same school.

To get the most from ElevateXP, we encourage all participants to test their IT to minimise tech-hiccups during the interactive sessions.

Determine where you will be located when you participate in ElevateXP. Will you log in from home or your school site? We recommend a quiet space and that you use headphones and two screens if possible. 

It is critical that you can access:

Your school’s firewall may block critical websites. If you will be participating in ElevateXP from your school, share this checklist with your school’s IT department, and ensure that you can access the listed domains. If you are unable to access one or more of the above links or are aware that you have restricted access to any of these sites, please take steps to get full access prior to ElevateXP.

Each Community of Practice is enhanced with additional, unique sites and tools.

Please click on your community name on the left to access technology requirements specific to that community.

Web Browsers

  • Please use Google Chrome or Firefox to access ElevateXP.
  • Safari, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge are not compatible with all features of ElevateXP.

Unsupported Devices

  • iPad minis, Kindle or Galaxy tablets and smartphones are not compatible with ElevateXP.

Google Accounts

Additional Recommendations

  • Microphone and camera connected to the device
  • Headphones
  • Additional screen (optional)

Internet Speed

  • Use the internet speed test below to measure your connection speed.
  • A Download speed of at least 3Mbps is required to access ElevateXP.

Primary Implementation

Web Apps used in this ElevateXP Community of Practice

Student Success

Web Apps used in this ElevateXP Community of Practice