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AVID Myer Mathematics Trial

Finding and sharing the passion, joy and beauty of primary school mathematics

October 2022
Claire Brown and Juliana Ryan

AVID Australia
Victoria University

Participation in the project involved

Funding for a part-time, dedicated mathematics coach in each school for 2.5 years

Two in-person steering group meetings for trial school principals

A customisable program of professional learning and ongoing connection through a professional learning community for the school mathematics coaches

Specialist professional learning activities for teachers facilitated by experts from AVID USA

On-demand customised professional learning and resources for teachers

Coaching for the school mathematics coaches to customise their program of professional learning

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We would like to thank the Sidney Myer Fund for their generous funding support for this project. Special thanks to Justin Bokor and to Tim Gill, Jay Kurima and Trent Willis for their contribution to conceptualising and implementing this project; to Professor Lyndal Bond for designing and overseeing evaluation and to Camilla Nicoll for early data collection and analysis. Most importantly, we are very grateful to the school leaders and teachers who brought this project to life by participating in the project and generously sharing their experiences and those of their students.

What if...

Teaching and learning mathematics in primary school was fun for everyone involved?

Mathematical dialogue was the norm for teachers and students?

The passion, joy and beauty of maths could be experienced by teachers and students?

Download full report