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AVID Australia is delighted to announce Logan Losurdo from Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College as the inaugural winner of the AVID Australia Student Speaker Competition.

Logan has won a trip to Melbourne to deliver his speech to over 500 teachers from Australia and America at the Opening of AVID Australia’s Summer Institute professional learning event, on 5 December 2018.

He was one of 23 AVID students from AVID schools around the country who answered the call to tell us how AVID has helped them to “find their voice”. AVID Australia’s National Director, Claire Brown, said that Logan’s speech clearly articulated how AVID is helping him to overcome challenges that will see him fulfil his career aspirations. She said he has set a high standard for future students to follow.

“While there were many entries for this year’s student speaker competition, Logan spoke about his personal journey in a very moving way that resonated with our judging panel,” said Claire.

“It takes a serious sized growth mindset to be brave enough to write a speech about your learning and life challenges. I have no doubt that his story will inspire fellow students and AVID teachers.”

Logan believes AVID is one of the key factors helping him to maintain a positive attitude towards schooling and improving his grades.

“AVID was the turning point from being the silly kid and the popular kid to the level-headed kid who wants to go well,” said Logan.

“AVID is a different way of learning…we learn through conversations.”

His big dream is to one day become a lawyer and has found inspiration in the story of Deng Adut. Deng was named the 2017 New South Wales Australian of the Year.

“In Year 9 we watched Deng Adut’s film in class. It was about his journey from a South Sudanese child soldier…to becoming a lawyer in Australia,” said Logan.

“That was really inspirational for someone with my background, knowing that someone can come from that level of stress and hurt and go on to become a lawyer.”

Logan wanted to reach out to Deng and decided to message him on Instagram.

“I asked him if he could help me get to where I need to go because I knew it would be a hard hill to climb,” said Logan.

“Thankfully, he replied and said that he will help me get there no matter what.

“He has offered me a job to work in his firm after I get my law degree.”

While Logan has come a long way to focus on his schooling and future, he knows that he didn’t get to where he is by himself.

“It feels good to be here but I wouldn’t have made it on my own. My foster carer, Russ, and AVID teacher, Ms Cobham, have helped me along the way.” 

“Now, I just want to show that all people have good hearts and all people do have good in some place. I want to aspire to that and become one of the greatest lawyers of all time.”