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AVID Australia is honoured to announce that we have been shortlisted for Reimagine Education’s K-12 Award.

The Reimagine Education Awards, sometimes considered the ‘Oscars’ of Education, aims to reward innovative approaches that enhance student learning outcomes and employability.

The conference brings together edtech startups, academic faculty from top institutions, Chief Innovation Officers, university leadership, teachers, and other stakeholders in the future of higher education teaching and learning.

 AVID Australia’s National Director, Claire Brown, said that AVID Australia’s submission focussed on how AVID can help to ignite (or reignite) the passion, joy and beauty of teaching and learning for educators and students.

We know that when you improve teachers’ confidence, competence, and engagement with their teaching practice, students’ learning will improve, explained Claire.

AVID’s continuous and scaffolded professional learning system elevates learning and teaching quality across schools and universities over time. We partner with teachers, schools and universities and respond to their specific professional learning and coaching needs. We’re there to support them in the important work they do, every day.

Over 40 years, whether in America, Canada, or Australia, AVID has proven that it can close the achievement and opportunity gaps for students. AVID’s teaching and learning system equips teachers with the skills to prepare their students with the mindsets, skills, and capabilities to thrive in education and the workforce.

AVID in Australia started as a university research project and is transitioning to a successful standalone venture. Claire believes that this transition in the education sector is quite unique.

It’s rare to make that transition successfully, but over the last 10 years AVID Australia has continually taken assured steps to reach this achievement, said Claire.

With Victoria University’s support, AVID Australia is developing research-informed education products and business models to become a self-sustaining venture.

VU sees schools as equal partners and is leading by example, implementing AVID’s professional learning system to raise the quality of its own teaching and learning.

AVID Australia and VU partner with schools in the knowledge that high-quality school-university partnerships, united by a common purpose for all students to succeed, are sustained through shared, continuous professional learning.

The Reimagine Education Award winners will be announced at the Reimagine Education Virtual Conference which will take place from 9-11 December 2020.

For further information on AVID Australia, contact AVID.Australia@vu.edu.au.