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The 2018 AVID Australia Summer Institute will be held from 5-7 December 2018 at Victoria University’s Footscray Park Campus, in Melbourne.

A total of 18 strands will be available to participants, including six new strands and two revised strands. Further details will be made available in the coming weeks and months. For updates, please continue to monitor the AVID website.

Event details

When: Wednesday 5 December – Friday 7 December 2018.

Where: Victoria University, Footscray Park Campus, Ballarat Rd, Footscray, VIC, 3011

What is Summer Institute?

Summer Institute uses a full immersion model of professional learning. Teachers get the opportunity to become students in a class, so they can experience and experiment with a number of explicit teaching strategies from a student’s perspective. Participants are assigned to a single strand over the course of three days. On days 2 and 3, sessions will be scheduled to meet with members from your school to reflect and share the learning from each strand and plan for the following year’s implementation.

2018 Strands

  • AVID Academic Language and Literacy: A Schoolwide Approach for Students for whom English is an Additional Language (new strand)
  • High Engagement Strategies for Higher Education (new strand)
  • Bridges to Success – A Schoolwide Approach (new strand)
  • Critical Reading
  • Digital Teaching & Learning (new strand)
  • Essential Academic Skills for Year 11 and 12
  • History/Social Science Through High Engagement Strategies
  • Leadership for Schoolwide Implementation (new strand)
  • Maths 1
  • Maths 2
  • Primary Implementation K – 4 (revised strand)
  • Primary Maths K-6 (revised strand)
  • Science 1
  • Science 2
  • Secondary Implementation
  • Student Success
  • Tutorology
  • Content Area Writing: A Schoolwide Approach (new strand)

Contact Us

P: +61 3 9919 7832
E: AVID.Australia@vu.edu.au
W: AVIDAustralia.edu.au