A popular contender for 2021’s theme song of the year is Elton John’s, I’m Still Standing

As schools and education organisations around the world ‘snapback’ (a contender for word of the year), the AVID Australia team is excited to work alongside AVID schools as learning returns to classrooms supplemented by what we have learned from COVID-19’s online learning experiences.

This year sees four major events offered to AVID Australia schools. WA Path and Dubbo Path provide local opportunities for AVID schools in those areas to share two days of student-free professional learning that accelerates and customises schoolwide AVID at each site.

The two Path professional learning events will be followed by the 2021 National Conference online on 7th – 8th September and the return of Summer Institute on 1st– 3rd December in Melbourne.

National Conference offers teacher-led workshops that celebrate and share excellent teaching and learning practice delivered in AVID schools. National Conference participants build professional learning communities based on AVID’s shared language and the opportunity to hear directly from practising AVID teachers about the successes and challenges they are experiencing in their classrooms. National Conference provides a great opportunity for teaching and learning leaders and emerging leaders to develop their leadership and presentation skills as they share and discuss effective teaching practices.

Summer Institute 2021 will be our tenth Summer Institute! To manage the COVID challenges that prohibit international travel, we will include our US expert Staff Developers using a hybrid presentation model. Summer Institute provides three days of an immersion learning experience where classroom teachers experience high engagement teaching practices as if they were students, and then get the opportunity to contextualise and adapt these strategies for their classroom practice. US expert Staff Developers will beam in to Summer Institute each morning until lunchtime. They will co-present with talented, experienced and new Australian Staff Developers who are becoming excellent classroom practitioners. The Australian Staff Developers will facilitate activities within the room in collaboration with the US experts who will be online. Our participants will get the best of both learning worlds.

If you would like further information about AVID events, please email AVID.Events@vu.edu.au