On Day One

We can’t wait to join you at DigitalXP Australia!

At 9am AEDT

An hour before DigitalXP kicks off at 10am AEDT, we recommend that you:

  1. Set yourself up in quiet location, preferably with two screens and join using Chrome or Firefox
  2. Log in to Canvas – Refer to the Canvas instructions for assistance
  3. Check your setup and that you can access the required websites and applications
  4. Review the Schedule
  5. Know your options for Day One Site Team Time (2:45-4:45pm AEDT)
  6. Click on your Community of Practice Course (available in your Canvas Dashboard).

At 9.45am AEDT

Fifteen minutes before DigitalXP starts at 10am AEDT.

Join the Opening Ceremony via Zoom.

At 10.30am AEDT

You will receive an invite to join the first Community of Practice synchronous session.

Alternatively, you can join the session by:

  1. Clicking on your Community of Practice course on the Canvas dashboard
  2. Click BigBlueButton (Conferences) from the left menu
  3. Joining the active conference.  Your first CoP session will start at 10.45 am AEDT
  4. Select Microphone when prompted to join the audio to ensure that you can fully engage in the session.

Have a great time!


The AVID Australia team is here to help you get the most out of your DigitalXP experience.

Technical or other issues?


Email us at avid.events@vu.edu.au

Help Desk

During DigitalXP, talk to an AVID staff member by joining our Zoom Help Desk.

The Zoom Help Desk is open:

  • From 1 to 5 pm AEDT Tuesday 30 November
  • From 8.30 am to 3.30 pm AEDT from 1 December to 3 December
  • During all AVID 101 sessions.